ilab UQ Summer Intern Program
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ilab UQ is seeking applications from across UQ for enrolled students to participate in a Summer Internship in a Startup in South East Queensland. Startups look for a range of skill sets so don't hesitate to apply. Get a taste of a startup founders journey, learn the tools and techniques to build your big idea into a startup or explore a startup placement as a graduate destination. Applications are now open for the ilabUQ Summer Internship. Not all students that apply will receive a place. Placement is based on demand and interview selection.
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Thanks for your interest in participating in the ilab Summer Startup Intern Program

What's your first name? *

What is your First Name?

What's your last name and email?

How are you part of this great institution that is the University of Queensland? (Unfortunately only current enrolled students can apply for the internship program) *

As a current enrolled UQ student, what year level are you? (Please note, if you are due to graduate this semester you are not eligible to apply)

And what's your student number, your degree and year of study

This program is so awesome everyone wants in. We need your student number to check you are part of the UQ community. Soz everyone else:(
What skills and experience do you offer in addition to your degree? e.g. 2 years hospitality exp, app building exp (be specific with the languages), Social media skills (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, WeChat) *

Are you available for our intern induction day on Wednesday 29th November? This date is essential to attend in order to be placed in a startup.

Why do you want to experience an internship in a startup?

Well that's the form completed. Yay, step 1 is complete. Step 2 you will need to also send a copy of your resume to our Community Manager

Please put your name followed by Summer Intern Program in the subject headline. Once the deadline closes on November 17th we will send you a confirmation your application has been received and further detailed information and timelines.

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